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Blogging Intentions

Hello, ALFriends!

I continue to gather blog post ideas… and have yet to publish any! To get the ball rolling, this is an intention and summary post about the Agile-related ideas I’ve gathered and want to write about.

ALF Summer reflections on…

  • Biking to and from Mosaic
  • How the daily opportunity to share food changed how I ate

Agile tools creating impact in my personal life via…

  • A personal mastery board
  • The Agile Blueprint of WE
  • A life-shifting board (in development)

Workshops and talks that I’ve worked on in Asheville, including…

  • A short workshop on Agile Blueprints for the Asheville Creative Collective
  • A presentation on using Agile tools to create a learning organization to the Asheville Creative Facilitators
  • A presentation on Black Mountain SOLE and Agile learning to visiting seniors from the Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua, WI

And of course, we can’t forget Endor! I have plenty of notes from our community conversations last year, and would like to write about…

  • My overall reflections on Endor 2014/2015
  • How we could improve the Endor interview process (as implemented Fall 2015)
  • Community engagement plans for the local Endor community from now until we re-open in a physical location (Winter 2015)

I look forward to writing about all of these topics!

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